Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Church Street Christmas Pageant

Tonight we continued a wonderful Church Street tradition - the annual Christmas Pageant. We started the evening in Parish Hall with dinner and Christmas carols. After dinner, we made our way upstairs where everyone was able to dress up for the pageant. Some chose to be angels while others were shepherds and wise persons. We gathered in the Nave where our storyteller began the Christmas story.

He started with the shepherds, resting on a hillside.

Then he told of the angels and their good news. We had a lot of angels tonight. Definitely a multitude of the heavenly hosts! They brought news of a very special baby's birth.

Then a star was spotted and wise persons came to the stable where Jesus was born!

Thank you to everyone who participated in tonight's pageant. We appreciate those of you who helped prepare dinner and serve our guests. It was such a special night as we shared the Christmas story in a most unique way!

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