Saturday, December 7, 2013

Advent Devotion: Saturday, December 7

Advent: A Time of Surrender
Read Luke 1:26-38

Gabriel’s message to Mary was truly amazing!  “Peace be with you. God loves you and has a special purpose for you. Do not be afraid, and do not doubt. With God, all things are possible.”  These were simple, but very powerful words.  Mary’s response was equally amazing.  This young woman, confronted with God’s call to sacrifice her life and reputation, says simply:  “I am God’s servant.  Let His will be done.”

Some of us might wonder, “How would I have responded if I were Mary?”  But the question ought to be more personal than that.  You see, God has the same message for us today:

You are favored by God. So, do not be afraid of anything. God wants to use you in His mission to effect the salvation of mankind. You will be the point through which God’s light will enter into the darkness of this world. Don’t ask how you can do this thing. Just know that with God, anything and everything is possible.

Can you hear God’s whisper in your heart?  Are you ready this Christmas to surrender yourself to God’s will even though it may require great risk?  Are we ready to be the point through which God enters this world?

Prayer: Lord, you call to us to lay down our lives.  Teach us to say: “I am your servant, may Your will be done.”  Give us faith to know that with you, anything is possible.  And then, prove our faith by giving us something impossible to do.  Amen.

-Monty Walton

From the Church Street Advent Devotion Book, 2013

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