Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Devotion: Monday, December 9

Little Flower, Show Your Power
Read Psalm 104:24-35

This summer one of my dear friends gave up her heroic battle with cancer.  About five years ago she got the diagnosis - breast cancer.  With her usual investigative nature, she researched all about it, questioned the doctors at length, underwent treatment and hoped for the ‘magic bullet.’  For about three years all the tests were good…then cancer returned with a vengeance, metastasizing to other parts of her body.  For two years different chemotherapies, surgery, etc., were tried but nothing held the cancer at bay.  Throughout all of this she kept her strong faith intact. For her Celebration of Life service, the family included one of her favorite sayings of comfort throughout this ordeal…”Little Flower, in this hour, show your power” (St.Therese of Lisieux).

In the Spring, we see the power of little bulbs. As the sun warms the soil, green shoots emerge from the tiniest of bulbs and burst into bloom.  So often our busy lives prevent us from stopping to enjoy this power.  Likewise, we fail to stop and appreciate God’s creation.  Spending time each day reading the Bible, talking with God and being grateful for His creation will enrich one’s life. Another enriching experience is to create a ‘Gratitude Journal.’ Every day, write a word, sentence, or paragraph of what you are grateful for that particular day.  It will enrich your life.  And the next time you see a blossom, think about the power involved in producing that lovely item…God’s power.

Prayer:  Creator God, thank you for the beautiful world you have created and that we enjoy.  Help us to be mindful of your plan for our lives and the promise you have given us to be with you forever.  Amen.
-Betty Craig

From the Church Street Advent Devotion Book, 2013

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