Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent Devotion: December 3

Making Space for God
Read Romans 6:16-18

Life is a journey and we are beginning our Advent journey.  We can focus on how we can change our lives and make room in our lives for the coming of Jesus.  Is change possible?  Most people think that it takes a long time to change but it really does not.  Change is immediate.  Instantaneous! But it may take a long time to decide to change.  One element that has to be present is the desire to change.

Are we ready for the journey?  Are we ready to walk to Bethlehem?  There are so many things that fill our lives that we fail to make room for Jesus.  When Jesus comes, the world is a different place and when Jesus comes into our lives, we are different people.  

God said that he was sending his son to live among us and show us how to live.  Are we ready to receive him?  As we think of God’s gift to us in Jesus, we become like the Wise Men and the Drummer Boy.  We cannot give equally but we can give ourselves.
If we are tempted to think of Christmas as a holiday without consequences, we should stand convicted.  Jesus came to change things.  This is Good News for a lost and hurting world, but it also asks something from us.  Jesus will transform us and the transformation is not always comfortable.  After walking through death and resurrection, we know that Jesus is more than just another figure on the scene of history.  Christ is at the center of what our life in the church is all about.  Who is this Jesus?  He was not just a great man who rose from humble birth to be a leader of his people.  He was not just a Jewish leader or a great teacher.  He was not just a prophet or a King.  He was the one who was present at Creation. The one through whom all things have their being.  Without this One not one thing was made.  He was one with God, his father.

Jesus walks with us in our daily lives and is with us and within us.  It is our choice to take his hand as we walk through life.  We will see people and life in a different light when Jesus walks with us.  Can we sing the song that is in our hymnal: “I want Jesus to walk with me”?

Prayer: Dear Jesus, set our feet on your path, and our hearts full of you, so that we may always journey with you. 
-Verna McLain

From the Church Street Advent Devotion Book, 2013

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