Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Advent Devotion: December 25

Be Eager and Deliberate
Read Isaiah 55:6

My children have taught me many lessons in their brief lifetimes. One of my favorites happened at Communion and continues still. With my first born, Grace, I have observed her thoughtful posture, but especially her care with finishing her cup. As early as she was able to hold the cup for herself, she took as many times as necessary tipping the cup with tiny hands even to the last drop...always very deliberate. The world around her had ceased to exist. The cup must be finished.

My second born, Luke, began greeting Communion with wide-eyed excitement from his earliest experiences. Anticipation rising in our waiting pew, eyes shining as we carried him to the high altar or he toddled his way there, his small hands open, body a wiggle he eagerly waited for the bread. Always. The bread is good.

I have often pondered just how to be eager and deliberate thanks to my children. It is a good thing to ponder and a befitting mood for Advent, although it may be hard. It’s hard to be eager when the demands of this season are so many. And, it’s hard to be deliberate when schedules are heavy laden with activity. I think sometimes our culture and our choices make it hard to deliberately share God’s love and hard to be eager in a busy world not bent on finding the Christ child even at Christmastime. But, I say it is well worth it in this season to rise above the cacophony of this world to eagerly and deliberately search for the Christ child once again...eyes wide and shiny repeatedly tipping God’s bountiful cup. The children have it figured out.

Prayer: Most Holy One, give us childlike hearts. Teach us to be eager and deliberate as children in our search for You. Fit us for your Kingdom at Christmas and always. Amen.

-Terri McCluskey

From the Church Street Advent Devotion Book, 2013

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