Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Devotion: December 18

Read Luke 2:25-32

We aren’t very good at waiting. Every day I hear someone complain about the world’s conveniences not being fast enough: The drive-thru at McDonalds; the high-speed internet service at work; the quick-checkout line at Kroger. Remember when Mr. Coffee machines replaced the percolator so we could get our morning coffee faster? Today it’s Keurig because waiting for the whole pot to brew simply takes too long.

There are two ways we can wait: With impatience or with anticipation. Waiting with impatience is usually “hurry up” waiting. Let’s get this done as quickly as possible so we can hurry up and get something else done. Hurry up waiting is like eating without tasting – it’s over before you can enjoy it.

Waiting with anticipation is the willingness to experience something totally, without the desire to move on too quickly. This type of waiting is filled with the joy of what is to come and the patience to savor every moment along the way. Waiting with anticipation also gives us time to prepare ourselves for what is to come.

God’s people knew about waiting. It seems as though nothing came quickly to them and still they waited with faith, trusting that God would hear them and answer their prayers. After hundreds of years God did just that, by sending a baby into the world. And as they waited, God used the time to prepare their hearts to receive what the Messiah they anticipated would bring.

How will you wait for Christmas this year? Hurrying from store to store, wishing lines were shorter and being grumpy if they aren’t? Or with patience and peace, anticipating the miracles God has in store if you only take the time to wait?

Prayer: Loving God, prepare our hearts and our lives to receive the gift of your Son this Christmas. Give us days filled with patience and hearts brimming with anticipation so we might experience your glory fully this year. Amen.

-Sue Isbell

From the Church Street Advent Devotion Book, 2013

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