Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent Devotion: December 17

Broken But Purposeful
Read Colossians 3:12-15

It’s hard for me to leave the beach without shells. My family loves shelling...the exploring, the anticipation of finding nature’s treasures. It’s a daily trek when we go to the beach, and we search out the best places for looking at low tide. Shelling for us began on Grace’s first beach trip, when she was still so young that the waves did not beckon her to come in. And, I am forever glad that ritual began.

We bring home loads of these fine treasures left behind by the sea every year. I always try to bring home only the unbroken ones... the ones hardly changed by their watery life, but thankfully that never works for me.

I have long planned to do something special with at least some of that bounty of shells brimming from baskets on our porch, and this summer I did. I pieced together those broken beauties on a styrofoam ring, so I could have summer anytime. What started as a simple craft project really became so much more to me. The shells came together in such a way that could not have happened had they not been broken. In those three glorious summer days of tinkering around while my children were abuzz with summer projects of their own, a wonderful epiphany happened for me. It truly became a lovely creation, not because I made it, but because of the One who did. And, this got me to thinking...so are we...lovely creations. And, my my what God can do with a broken mess.

I am so thankful for those beautiful days and those moments of clarity to really think about how God can use any brokenness in our lives, knit it back together for his purpose, and make us whole.

Jesus came into a broken world for a broken people...and he still does. This season and always. To make us whole. Hallelujah!

Prayer: Sweet Jesus of us all, knit our brokenness together...with others and with you. Shine your light and love all around us. Show us your purpose for our lives and draw us closer to you, Forever and Amen.
-Terri McCluskey

From the Church Street Advent Devotion Book, 2013

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