Wednesday, November 27, 2013

First Sunday of Advent: Should ‘a been lookin’ for a Baby

In the time when Jesus was born,
Herod the King commanded armies
            Of soldiers,
            Of builders,
            Of counselors,
All guarding his rule against any challenge.
All watching for any rebel on the horizon.
He should ‘a been lookin’ for a baby.

The religious establishment pored over its sacred scrolls,
Searching for any sign of God’s promised intervention
            Into the affairs of nations.
Preparing the next generation of guardians of the faith,
            Schooling the boys until  they became the men
            Who were ready to stand watch over God’s promises.
Insisting that the only thing worthy of their attentions
            Was the piles of scrolls stored in sacred vaults.
They should ‘a been lookin’ for a baby.

Now our power brokers still watch for the challengers of this age:
            The terrorist, the next election, the other party,
            The economy out of control,
            The restless oppressed of every established rule.
All jockeying around to be the next influencer,
            The next grand innovator,
            The next… well, anything at all.
We watch for those who wield power of every sort,
            And power seems to come in all sorts these days,
We too should be lookin’ for a baby.
                      - Rev. Andy Ferguson

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