Sunday, November 24, 2013

Advent Crafts Festival Features "12 Day of Christmas"

Our annual Advent Crafts Festival takes place next Sunday, December 1, beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Parish Hall.  This festive evening is full of craft centers for all ages.  The theme this year is “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  There are favorite centers from past years and some new ones.  We still need volunteers to staff each of the craft stations! Please e-mail France Nichols at if you can help. 

You will also get to send a special greeting to our homebound members at one of the centers.  Please remember to bring finger foods to share with everyone at our holiday buffet.  Many thanks go to our Adult Council who sponsors the event as well as to Frances Nichols for coordinating the evening.  Listed below are the many craft centers that will be available.

Day 1: Partridge in a Pear tree-snow globes 

Day 2: Turtle Doves- felt turtle doves 

Day 3: French Hens-hen ornaments 
Day 4: Calling Birds- peanut butter pine cones 
Day 5: Golden Rings- golden ring bead bracelets 
Day 6: Geese a Laying- decorating plastic eggs 
Day 7: Swans a Swimming- pine cone swans 
Day 8: Maids a milking- cocoa mixing
Day 9: Ladies Dancing- ribbon rings 
Day 10: Lords a Leaping- clothes pin men
Day 11: Pipers Piping- tongue depressor whistles 
Day 12: Drummers Drumming- plastic cup drums 

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