Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alaska Mission Team: Update #3

Last week a group of 10, eight from Church Street and two from Munsey UMC in Johnson City departed for a week of mission work in Willow, Alaska. Today's blog post is written by Janie Dosser from Munsey UMC. In it, she describes what the group did on Monday. 

The dirt flew! And the firewood and the paint.  It was an absolute tornado as the VIM (Volunteers in Mission) team worked to rebuild flower boxes across the front of the church, painted wood to build a picnic table, and chopped two loads of firewood for a lady who needs firewood for the winter. But, wait, that’s not all!  Signs were prepared for the July 4th parade and a final cleaning of the empty parsonage of the retiring minister.  It was a very productive day for the group of ten.
-Janie Dosser

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