Monday, July 1, 2013

Alaska Mission Team: Update #2

Here's the latest update from our mission team in Willow, Alaska. Be sure to check back often for more updates!
Our team members signed the Service Circle quilt early on Sunday morning and we presented it to the people of Willow UMC a sign of our love and fellowship at their Sunday morning service. In the past few years they have started using handmade quilts on the altar table so our beautiful quilt joins others in their parament collection. Fran appreciated the Tennessee orange in the pattern. 

Worship was wonderful with a full house to celebrate Rev. Dan Lush’s retirement. They ran out of bulletins and some regulars had to sit up front! There are lots of kids who participated in worship including a “noisy” offering for missions that involved coffee cans and spare change. At the close of service Pastor Dan encouraged the people to “keep the ball in the air” with beach balls flying all over the sanctuary.

The fellowship hall was full for dinner and so were we after all that food. Reindeer sausage, moose meatloaf, halibut, and salmon pasta salad were all great.

In the afternoon we drove up to Hatcher Pass on Mt. Sustina. Pastor Darryll was at the wheel of the van and able to hit every pothole in the unpaved road. The weather has been rather overcast since we arrived so the views were not as good but God certainly made a stunning place. We hope to be able to see Denali later this week if the weather clears. 

Today we start cutting firewood with one of the local families and working on the flowerbeds. There is a light rain but probably not enough to help with the mosquitos and probably will only bring on more.

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