Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Prayer for the Children

At today's services, Pastor Andy shared a special prayer for the children of the world. Please take time this week to lift up the children in your life and be in prayer for children all across the globe. Below is the prayer Pastor Andy prayed this morning, including his introduction.

The children have been on my mind this week:
+children at the new Wesley House,
            +where the staff retreat began,
            +where youth and college mission groups cleaned and painted;
+children of this church who turned up on the cover of The Mountain,
            +children who were here for summer VBS;
+children of Syria where 70,000 people,
            including children, have been killed through two years of war;
            +Who did not have a VBS this summer,
            +many who do not have a home to which they can go home.
                                                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lord God,
            Creator, who woke the world with your call,
            Lord Jesus, who worried your parents on your first trip to church,
            Powerful Holy Spirit, who fell on timid disciples bringing power beyond their own,

We pray for the children:
            who run with an ease that older folks imagine they once could,
            Who ask for seconds,
            Who steal second base,
            Who sing Bible School songs in the car.
Children who go to bed hungry in faraway places and just a mile away,
            Who wonder if they will have a bed tonight -- or parents or even supper,
            Who live everyday with war getting real people hurt and some killed.
Lord God Almighty, bring childhood back to the children of the world.
            Let there be places of expectation and play,
                        Places where children can discover the world and their possibilities.
            Help us to be wise parents for our children,
                        Help us to encourage others to be wise parents for their children.

Help us to be your answer of peace to the children of the world,
            To build a world where children can grow up one jungle gym at a time,
            To prepare them for life in this challenging world,
            To show them the way, by the way we live, to live in peace with everyone.
            To build a church where children and parents are safe to ask questions,
                        To explore, to close their eyes when they pray.
Help us to be neighbors to our neighbors:
            So that our children might see and learn from us…
            What we are doing when we treat people as neighbors.
                        Even when neighbors come in the middle of the night to ask a favor.
            How to welcome others as neighbors
                        even when they look different,                                                                                 
                        or believe different,
                        or have different ways than we do.
Help the grownups among us remember
            That, as we build a world safe for the children,
                        We build a world of opportunity and possibility for every one of us.
            That, as we work for peace on the playgrounds nearby
                        We bring peace around the world for people old and young.
Work among us, O God,
            Pouring down power beyond our own,
            That we might build the world you’ve had in mind all along.
We pray in the name of Jesus.

-Rev. Andy Ferguson

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