Sunday, June 16, 2013

Parish Hall Renovation Task Force Gets Underway

As many of you know, the Church Street Board of Trustees requested that a Task Force be formed to begin the process of renovating Parish Hall. Over the last several months, the Parish Hall Renovations Task Force has been busy collecting ideas from the staff and membership as it undertakes its work. Many of you (more than 200!) filled out surveys about the current uses of the space and helped identify potential new uses for Parish Hall as well. The survey also helped the congregation identify any shortcomings of Parish Hall in addition to challenges and restraints that we might face in the renovation process.

After compiling and reviewing the surveys, the Task Force requested and received approval from the Board of Trustees to take into consideration the rooms and spaces adjacent and contiguous to the Parish Hall that may be affected. Included in its research, the group will study arrival and entrance points (both from the standpoint of vehicular and pedestrian flow); disabled accessibilities; accessible restrooms; storage; food services; and a spectrum of space uses, services, and functionalities.

The Task Force has traveled to several other churches and buildings in our area to conduct research about the possibilities here at Church Street. The Task Force continues to refine the goals that include maintaining the historical integrity of the structure; identification of the needs and wishes of the congregation; improving signage; traffic flow improvement of both vehicles and people; and flexibility for use well into the future.

Currently, the Task Force is working on a projected timeline of events that will ultimately lead to the selection of an architect to begin the renovation design process. Updates will be posted here on the blog and in The Messenger. Proposals are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, who will then present recommendations to the Church Council for approval.

We are excited about the potential for renovating our Parish Hall and look forward to sharing in the process with the entire congregation!

Members of Task Force: Mary Ann Gibson, Chair; Rev. Andy Ferguson, Senior Minister; Bob Hertwig, expertise in food services; Bill Terry, Chair of Board of Trustees; Connie Taylor, interior designer ASID affiliate; Rik Norris, architect and Chair of Properties; Jean Galyon, attorney and Chair of Church Council

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