Thursday, April 11, 2013

Who Made the Flowers Grow?

Did you know that the children in the Church Street Preschool attend chapel once a week? Our Children's Director, Sue Isbell, leads them in a time of singing and Bible stories. The children love to sing along with her as she opens with this song each week:

"Who made the flowers grow,  flowers grow, flowers grow.
Who made the flowers grow? God in heaven above!"

After singing the song, the children listen to Mrs. Sue as she shares with them a story from the Bible. Today, she taught them about the Good Samaritan. She uses props to help the children better understand the characters in the story. This morning they learned how to be kind to their neighbors and show love to everyone they meet. After the story Mrs. Sue reads to them from the Bible before closing in prayer.

Chapel is just one of the many ways our church is ministering to God's children in our community. For more information on the Church Street Preschool, click here.

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