Friday, April 5, 2013

Church Street's Gardens Featured During Dogwood Arts Festival

This year marks the 53rd Annual Dogwood Arts Festival which runs April 10-30.  Church Street's gardens are being featured as a part of the 2013 event! Forty-six dogwoods are part of the landscaped gardens on the approximately two square-block church property. The extensive gardens around the church include a courtyard garden surrounded by the Nave, Chapel and main building. The courtyard features a rare tri-color beech with pink, sage green and vanilla white accents surrounded by Lenten roses, hydrangeas, and Pieris japonica along with masses of spring annuals, bulbs, and violas. Entering the garden from the Henley Street side, the front walkway is lined with Kleim’s hardy gardenias. This area also features a teddy bear magnolia, and crimson fire Loropetalum.  To the right of the church entrance is a rare golden chain tree, which will bloom during the festival.
The Magnolia parking lot on the Main Street side is the center of masses of plantings including inkberry hollies.  Approaching the breezeway behind the main building you pass a coral bark maple, extensive evergreen plantings, and colorful spring blooms before entering Rachel’s garden with a breath-taking thirty foot tall Carolina jasmine on the wall between the breezeways.
Take time this spring to discover the Church Street gardens and remember to welcome visitors from the Dogwood Arts Festival to our church grounds.

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