Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Prayer for Tuesday

Again, Lord. 
Again, those who would work terrorism in this world have struck.
Those who would work terrorism are in my nation,
Striking people who look like me, speak my language, are citizens like me.
Close to home they struck.

I pray for the people of Boston,
I pray for the runners and their families who were at the Marathon,
Who were struck by shrapnel;
Who went to hospitals bleeding or anxiously looking for family;
Who will never venture outside their homes again
Without wondering if such as this could happen yet again.

I pray for the people of the nation,
I pray for those who lead our cities and our states and the nation,
That they might never lose heart in the long task of keeping the nation safe
From terrorism like this.
I pray for the ordinary people of this nation,
That we too might not lose heart in the task of everyday living;
That we too might never lose the conviction 
That life and work and conviction are worth it.
I pray that we might find strength to move forward in the face of this terrorism.

I pray for the bad guys – those who did all this at the Boston Marathon.
That they might be found and stopped in the murderous intent.
That emptiness of their intent and their methods might be exposed to the light of day.
I pray for every one of us who might have wondered aloud, even for a moment,
If such dramatic action might make some sort of statement.
And thus encouraged such a decision,
Or looked the other way.

I pray for peace:
Peace in the hospital rooms in Boston,
Peace for the grieving families in Boston,
Peace in the homes of the marathoners and those who aspire to be,
Peace in this nation.
Peace that builds a nation and a society built on justice and hope.

For again, Lord, 
And always,
You are the God who created 
And declared that the world was and is intended to be good.

-Rev. Andy Ferguson

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