Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Change for Change

The youth department has been collecting change to help raise money for the Imagine No Malaria campaign. It has been a competition between the middle school and high school. Collectively we have raised more than $1000. As of this past week, the middle school had collected a bit more, but after Sunday the gap may be much more narrow. It has been fun to watch our youth bring in jars and bags of change each week to support the effort. This is where we would like you, the larger congregation, to help out. If you have a jar of change sitting around gathering dust, would you consider donating it to the efforts in the youth department? We are excited about the difference we are making through the Imagine No Malaria campaign and want to include you! If you would like to bring your jar or bag by the youth area on Sunday, we would be very happy to receive it. Our collection will end on Easter and we hope to be able to add your change collection to ours. 

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