Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amateur Radio Classes to Be Offered in April

Have you ever thought about Amateur Radio as a hobby? If so, now is your chance to learn more about this interesting hobby and to become an FCC licensed “Ham” Amateur Radio operator. Jay Hammett, Willard Sitton, and George Dominick plan to offer a class which will prepare you to pass an FCC issued Technician Class Amateur Radio license exam. The exam will be offered at the conclusion of the course.

Amateur Radio offers many different areas of interest. Homeland Security, emergency communications, talking over your radio transmitter with other Hams around the world, or using other available types of digital communications are only a few. This could be the beginning of a new interesting hobby for you!

If you have interest and or would like to sign-up for the proposed class, call George Dominick at 577-8137, Jay Hammett at 470-4956 or Willard Sitton at 588-1101.  The class is expected to start next month and will be held on Sunday afternoons for one hour. The class will run four to six weeks. All are welcome.

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