Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Confirmation Retreat from a Mother - Daughter Perspective

The Lightholder family joined their daughter Lucy in Lake Junaluska for the Confirmation Retreat over the first weekend in February. The retreat is an important part of the confirmation experience. Really, the weekend is about relationships: strengthening relationships between students and their families, creating bonds between classmates as friends, and deepening the relationships with Jesus for all whom are involved. Here you can read the thoughts of Kim Lightholder (Mom) and her daughter Lucy.

Lucy's Perspective
This past weekend I attended our Confirmation retreat at Lake Junaluska. It was a lot of fun! Usually on the weekends I enjoy sleeping in, but this weekend was worth the early mornings! During the time I was there I became very close to my classmates. During our free time, we would always meet in the hallway and hangout.  Our time together was sort of our bonding time.  We have gotten to know each other way better. It has been such a great experience! I think  this has been the best part of confirmation!  In between all the fun, I enjoyed learning about my Methodist heritage and sharing Jesus.  I also enjoyed spending the weekend with my parents.  All these things put together, along with some beautiful snow, made this trip extra special. Our class started out being shy toward each other and  now we are like a family.

Mom's Perspective
The greatest earthly blessing I believe you ever receive is a precious baby that God entrust you with - but only for a short while. You look to the Heavens in awe and just can't believe the amazing gift you have been given.  You watch her grow and pray that you are doing all the right things.  You hold her hand and try and lead her to be the best person possible.  This past weekend at Lake Junaluska , my daughter held my hand and showed me truly the best things in life.  I listened to my daughter talk about Jesus and his love - and not to her family, but to people she really didn't know very well.  I was overwhelmed at how she spoke.  She wasn't a little girl anymore.  She was her own person with her own ideas and opinions.  I was so proud of them.  I was so thankful to have the opportunity to watch her in this spiritual setting.  Thankful to give communion to each other. Thankful for Church Street and all that it offers. It was wonderful sharing this experience with Lucy and the other families.  I believe the weekend touched all our hearts. I will always cherish those memories.

The entire Confirmation Class with families and leaders

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