Friday, February 22, 2013

Imagine No Malaria-Lenten Devotion Day 10: February 22

Friday, February 22, 2013: Action Day 

It’s time to make a list. 
Write down all of the items you can buy with just $1. 

Not very long, is it? You can buy a soda, a candy bar, something off of the dollar menu at a fast food restaurant, or something at the dollar store. These days, you can’t even buy a cup of coffee for just one dollar! 

Consider this: you can protect 100 lives with less than $1 a day. That certainly seems a lot more valuable than a can of soda, doesn’t it? 

Less than $1 a day (just $28 a month) pledged over three years has the ability to protect 100 lives in Africa, and help to eliminate deaths caused by malaria. 

Prayerfully consider today if you can change 100 lives. If you decide to make this commitment, go to to make your pledge (or a gift of another amount). 

Every time you spend one dollar today (or two dollars, or three…) stop and pray for a child in Africa. Pray for their health and pray that they are safe from malaria today. 

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