Saturday, February 2, 2013

2012 Benevolence Team Report

Benevolence: A desire to do good for others; goodwill; charitable toward one’s fellow creatures; characterized by friendliness, compassion, generosity and humanity. 

During 2012 Church Street continued to receive a number of requests for assistance from needy individuals and families in the area. This past year, your Benevolence Team received 276 calls for assistance covering a wide variety of needs, representing 690 families in crisis.

Those requests beyond our ability to address are referred to other organizations in the Knoxville area better equipped to handle those needs. Requests vary, but typically include:
  • Utility assistance
  • Temporary rent assistance
  • Gas vouchers
  • Motel lodging (temporary)
  • Transportation (bus ticket) partial support for out of town destinations in cases involving death in family or medical appointments, etc.
  • Miscellaneous needs such as food, auto repair, clothing, furniture, housing and funeral assistance.

How Can Church Streeters Participate in this Benevolence Ministry?
You can support these efforts by contributing each month at our communion service, by volunteering to become a member of our team, and through your prayers for the needy and homeless. If you have a compassionate heart, discernment, and a desire to make a difference for others, please consider serving on the Benevolence Team. 

The Benevolence Team at Church Street relies on generous donations from the congregation to fund its programs. The gifts you bring during communion on Sunday and each first Sunday will make a difference in the lives of many who are served through the Benevolence ministry. For more information, contact Rev. Darryll Rasnake.

Some of Our Stories
Carol is a single mother recovering from surgery. We arranged for her to stay at the YWCA in their transitional housing program for three weeks. ($180.00)

Dorothy is a single mom who cares for her 11 year old autistic child. She was behind on her KUB bill due to a leak in her home. We led a coordinated effort among area churches and raised $700.00 to keep her power on.

Matt needed to get to Reno, Nevada for employment. We partnered with Redeemer Church and KARM to provide bus fair for his family to return to Reno. Our share of ticket cost was $72.00.

David has a four-year-old grandson. We provided a food basket, blankets and gas vouchers for his family and Christmas gifts for his grandson. Value of assistance was $90.00.

Samuel is a 70-year-old disabled man. We verified his furniture needs and coordinated a request with Compassion Coalition which resulted in the provision of a bed, couch and a recliner valued at $200.00.

Jane is a regular attendee of our Soup Kitchen ministry. She had fallen behind in her KUB bill and we partnered with Helen Ross McNabb to cost share a $120.00 past-due bill.

Joesaph and his family were facing eviction. We provided partial rent support ($80.00) together with $25.00 from VMC, $50.00 from Compassion Coalition, $125.00 from First Baptist Church to permit his family to stay in their home.

Lawrence’s daughter faced an emergency situation. He used his limited money to assist her. We provided partial rent support ($105.00) together with $95.00 from Helen Ross McNabb to maintain his housing situation.

Sandra was moving and needed assistance. We referred her request to Seymour United Methodist Church, who provided volunteers to move her furniture to new housing. We assisted Sandra earlier in the year with money for her utility bill.

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