Monday, January 28, 2013

What Resurrection Means to Me

Earlier this month, members of the Church Street Youth Group traveled to Gatlinburg to participate in Resurrection.  Today on the blog, 10th Grader Chloe Beth Armstrong shares what the weekend means to her.

Resurrection is the one of the big events our youth group does that involves everyone in youth who may or may not usually participate in choir or other activities. I really like how it is an opportunity to be on a trip with people whom I may not get to see every week at choir, Sunday school, youth, or basketball. Although it is cold every year and may require a lot of walking, people love to go to Resurrection because it is a chance to be reborn and refreshed spiritually. The sessions are packed with music, dancing, top-notch performances, and moving speakers.
This past weekend was very enjoyable. The speaker did not follow the "usual" Resurrection speaker style, but helped everyone grow closer to God in a new way. This weekend was also unique by trending #Rez13 on Twitter and Instagram. I found it very interesting to see photos and tweets about everyone's Resurrection experiences beyond my youth group.
Friendships are also growing during Resurrection because it allows a lot of time to hang out with people. It’s even a chance to meet people in other youth groups. Through the bus rides, the laughs, the tears, the new experiences, I always come home feeling like I grew closer to new people and strengthened bonds I've had with older friends.
Other good things about Resurrection include the annual trip to the Pancake Pantry, shopping around and seeing the endless tourist traps and gift shops, and occasionally witnessing one or two brave people take a splash into the outdoor pool.
Overall, Resurrection means a lot to me. It is one of my favorite youth events and every year I know it will be even better than the last.

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