Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Update: Imagine No Malaria Offering Kicks Off Church Street's Fundraising Efforts

Last Sunday, the United Methodist Women of Church Street kicked off our congregation's effort to raise funds for Imagine No Malaria. We learned more about the disease and about the Holston Conference's goal to save 100,000 lives before Annual Conference in June. Just $10 will save a life.

After both services on January 27, the UWM collected a special offering to kick-start our fundraising. $3,374 was collected in just one Sunday! That's almost 300 lives saved from malaria. Imagine what we can do over the next few months as we work towards the conference goal of 100,000 lives saved.

On Sunday, February 24, our Children's Department will host a special lunch to add to our fundraising dollars. Over the next week we'll have more information on how you can purchase tickets or volunteer to help at the luncheon. It's all part of our church's efforts to Imagine No Malaria.

Reminder: You can contribute to Imagine No Malaria directly on the church's website. Click here to donate today!

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