Monday, January 7, 2013

Possibility is Faith With a Purpose

Last night, Hallerin Hill spoke at the church's 2013 kick-off for Sunday Night Live. Hallerin hosts a daily radio talk show on News Talk 98.7 and a TV show on WBIR-TV which can be see Sundays at noon.

He wanted to talk to our group and tell us why, "Anything is Possible in Knoxville." Hallerin told us that possibility belongs to "the good-looking people." By good-looking he means people who look for the good and for the opportunities in their community. People who have faith.

Hallerin said that possibility is just faith, with a purpose. He reminded us that we should NEVER atop believing things are possible. If we buy into the notion of believing, then anything truly is possible - for our congregation and for our city.

There are many more opportunities to join in on the events of Sunday Night Live. Watch the Messenger and this blog for more information!

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