Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kay Senior Care Center & The Heel & Wheels Duathalon

The Heels and Wheels Duathlon raises funds for 15 different community nonprofit organizations. Because of our relationship with the Knoxville Leadership Foundation, the Kay Senior Care Center is able to be a part of this exciting event.   Each organization is responsible for getting a team of at least 20 people.  Each person on the team is asked to raise at least $100 and be a part of the event on April 13th.  All money that is raised by team members will support the Kay Senior Care Center. 

So if you like to run, bike, walk, or volunteer; Heels and Wheels Duathlon  is for you!  I have never enjoyed running or ran more than just a few steps. This year is different!  As much as running a 5K intimidates me, I have begun training to do just that! Not only will I get some exercise but I will be able to raise money for a ministry that means so much to me! It’s a win-win!

As of today the Kay Senior Care Center team includes; Beth Cooper-Libby, Bob Hertwig, Darryll Rasnake, and Judith Winters. Are you interesting in joining the team?  Call Judith @ 521-0293.  Visit for more information.


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