Monday, January 21, 2013

Imagine No Malaria

Malaria is a global health problem, affecting more than 500 million people and killing more than one million people every year. Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria. Malaria disproportionately affects young children and pregnant women. The people of The United Methodist Church have the unique opportunity to put discipleship into action to make a difference. Malaria is a treatable and preventable disease and it is a fight we can win.

In 2013 the Holston Conference is joining the fight against malaria in Africa. Our conference has a goal to raise $1 million dollars for Imagine No Malaria. That's enough to save 100,000 lives. Just last weekend members of the Church Street Youth Group helped raise $32,000 for the cause at Resurrection. That's 3,200 lives saved because of the bold actions of our youth. We need to take note and follow their example. 

Over the next few weeks on this blog and in The Messenger, you will learn how you can help imagine a world with no malaria. We as a church can make a difference. We can save lives. Watch the video below to learn why this mission is so important. 

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