Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Walk Through Bethlehem 2012

Have you have never attended ?
“Walk Through Bethlehem” began in 1997 and each year has become the largest assembly of persons gathering at Church Street on any day. Please let this be the year that you experience what the village of Bethlehem might have been like over 2,000 years ago...right in our Parish Hall and surroundings. Visit the shops, listen to the storytellers, learn in the synagogue, talk with the townspeople (fellow Church Streeters who will stay in character as 1st century residents of Bethlehem), taste the local Bethlehem foods, see the animals on the hillside, and try to find the special baby born that night.

A few tidbits for those new to Walk Through Bethlehem
  • This is a free event / no reservations needed. 
  • Visit anytime between 1 and 6 p.m. 
  • Line forms in Church Life Center hallway. 
  • We are open rain, snow or shine! 
  • All of Walk Through Bethlehem, except the animals in the shepherds’ field, is situated indoors. Also, if you have to wait to enter Bethlehem, your wait is indoors (in the Church Life Center). 
  • This is not a play or a pageant but an interactive event that allows one to interact with characters while visiting different points of interest in our village of Bethlehem. 
  • Animals (camels, sheep, donkey, etc.) are an exciting part of this event, but our animals are stabled at dusk and in the event of steady rain. 
  • For more information about Walk Through Bethlehem, call 524- 3048 or visit our website at
If you haven’t attended since the early years
Come back to see the changes, such as the canvas backdrop of the Judean hillside, the interactive shops, the camels, and the nave visits. If you have or have not attended and would like to be one of the hundreds of volunteers, call Sue Isbell at 521-0282 as soon as possible. We NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS prior to the event, during the event and after the event.

You can help during set up days by...

  • Stopping by anytime between 9 am and early evening Tuesday through Friday, December 11–14, and there will be a job for you (stringing lights, setting up and decorating shops, etc.)
  • We especially need many helping hands on Thursday morning, Dec. 13, with shovels and wheelbarrows to move the wood chips into Parish Hall.

You can help on event day, Dec. 16, by...
  • Being a costumed character during:
    1st shift (1:00–3:30 p.m.) as a ...
    • Storyteller in the Storyteller’s Tent (short biblical stories provided to tell)
    • Wise Man
    • Shepherd
      2nd shift (3:30–6:00 p.m.) as a ...
    • Storyteller in the Storyteller’s Tent (short biblical stories provided to tell)
    • Wise Man
    • Shepherd
    • Medicine Shopkeeper
    • Food Shopkeeper
    • Textile Shopkeeper
    • Jewelry Shopkeeper
    • Innkeeper
  • Bring snacks and goodies to the break room for hungry shepherds & keepers!

You can help during clean up days by...
  • Coming on December 17 or 18 to help take down shops, store items, and take out the wood chips.
Contact Sue Isbell at the church with questions:

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