Friday, October 12, 2012

Reflections on Stewardship

What’s going on? What the church should do is create a calendar that shows everyone what’s going on and gives households a place to keep up with their activities, too. What this church needs is to talk out loud about the great ministries that are going on here. What this church needs is to celebrate the places in the church where God is changing lives.
This Sunday, we begin our stewardship campaign for the coming year 2013. At the heart of this year’s campaign is a calendar (suitable for the ‘frig) that outlines the activities of the church. In addition, the calendar tells stories of ministries and blessings and joys that we share here as part of Church Street United Methodist Church. Each household will receive one of these calendars over the weeks ahead.
The task of the stewardship campaign is to offer the people of this church
the opportunity to think deeply about the role of faith in our daily lives. We will remember how God has walked with us and invites us to walk further and deeper than ever in the coming year. And, we will decide how we plan to give in support of these life-changing ministries.
Each week will be marked by an event that reminds us of the impact our
faith in God has in our lives. This Sunday is Children’s Sunday; these amazing children will lead in worship. The third Sunday, we will celebrate All Saints Sunday, remembering those members, now deceased, who have carried the work of this church for so many years. Commitment Sunday falls on a Communion Sunday, and we will remember the profound joy of gathering around the communion table.
–Rev. Andy Ferguson

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