Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday on Eleuthra

Greetings for the island of Eleuthra! In case you haven't missed us yet, a group of 25 youth and adults from Church Street are down here working with Bahamas Methodist Habitat. We just arrived yesterday so we really don't know much about what we will be asked to do. Check out Marc's blog linked from the youth site for pictures and stories.

It's Palm Sunday and as we get ready to leave for church I've been reflecting on the story we hear on this day. We are excited about worshiping here in James Cistern; they say that the service this morning will last about 2 1/2 hours! But the best part is that we'll be a part of the parade this afternoon. I'm not sure what that means but it sounds like some way of participating in the Palm Sunday story.

So I went to Matthew 21 and read the story of Jesus' triumphal entry. Unlike the other accounts, this one seems to give a lot of the story to the donkey. I have observed before that perhaps the donkey thought the parade was for him. There's something in our human experience there; that we often think the world and the celebration and the cheers of the crowd are all directed at us instead of Christ.

But today I also thought about what it means to carry Christ to the people of Eleuthra. We are allowed this awesome opportunity to be the bearers of Christ in this place at this time. Often that means being a servant, not really understanding what we are doing and why, and not setting our own direction but following the leading of another. That is what our team will hopefully do today and this week. I guess I can indentify with the donkey.

Blessings wherever you carry Christ,

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  1. We're praying for you all. What a special way to spend Holy Week.