Monday, March 29, 2010

Eleuthra Day 3

This morning we awoke to a gorgeous tropical morning. The sky was filled with God's glory as the palm branches waved their approval. There are beautiful places and then there are places that resist words.

The parade yesterday really helped us understand the people. Every speaker talked about their hopes and dreams for the settlement of James Cistern. One significant effort is to finish a medical clinic; we were glad to learn last night that we would be working on that project.

So this morning came and we disbursed to all of our sites, some to homes and others to the clinic and the youth center in town. My team stayed behind at the camp to work on the cistern. Water is expensive so the best way to have enough is to have a cistern to collect the rainwater from all the roof. Unfortunately, there is no roof on the cistern now and so it is unusable but provides plenty of mosquitos. So we're getting it ready for a new roof which we'll hopefully start on Wednesday if the materials arrive from Nassau.

For an island surrounded by water, in fact most places you can easily see from Atlantic to Carribean because the island is so narrow, water is do valuable. Jesus met the woman at the well in John 4 and offered her living water. She misunderstood and puzzled as to how he could get water without a jar to draw it in. At one point today when we needed water for the concrete we were mixing, Derek climbed down into the cistern and lowered a bucket. So perhaps when we finish we'll provide water for the camp, for showers and cooking, and maybe even a little living water along the way there.

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